Instructions on how to add POMv2 Chain Testnet to MetaMask

2 min readNov 30, 2022


Hello Pomeranians,

The team is excited to demonstrate the POMv2 chain network addition procedure.

Currently you can add POMv2 testnet to Metamask on your desktop browser using the following steps! This is very similar to how you would add any network to metamask. Mobile support will come later!

Adding POMv2 to MetaMask Manually via MetaMask Browser Extension

Step 1) Login to your meta mask wallet via chrome browser extension

When you login for the first time, by default you will be in Ethereum chain

Step 2) Click on Add Network

Step 3) Select Add Network manually

Step 4) Enter the following network details manually in the form dialogue box and click Save

Please note that the SSL certificate will be ready soon!!



Chain ID: 5777 (Try 1337 if 5777 doesn’t work)

Currency Symbol:POMv2


Step 5) Verify that you see POMv2 network added successfully like shown below

Congratulations!! You have added the POMv2 chain testnet into your meta mask wallet.

During the course of the testnet to mainnet journey you will observe lot of improvements , feedback loops and reviews. We will also have updated version of block explorer which will come soon! Lot of exciting things to look forward to!

Stay tuned for more updates on POMv2 testnet!




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