2 min readNov 12, 2022



Dear Everyone,

Proof of Memes $ETH2.0 is a scam.
They stole your ETH with their manipulative ways.
Their blockchain is not complete and now without a fullstack dev (We’re very expensive)…
Wonder why they pushed onboarding to 2023?

They have a shady exchange lined up in hopes of miners being able to liquidate “pay the miners” This plays two-fold, with them hoping on arbitrage between the unknown shady exchange and MEXC.

They desperately need miners to pay out their bags eventually. The presale of NFTS and scam ETH2 vouchers equates to 1 billion POM tokens from their presale with a majority being traced to the DEV team of course. Block rewards are 9 POM which equates to 111,111,111 solo mined blocks to even
bring a 50% equilibrium with miners. Yet, they need miners to make them money? What a joke these people think they are to take advantage of Ethereum going to Proof of Stake.

The manipulation is insane. Just go to their telegram and see for yourself.

The Proof of Network Foundation claims they are against censorship. Yet, have a strict rigorous onboarding process to develop on their network (Roger and Family). They want to steal your ideas unless they can weasel
a cut from you. They couldn’t program themselves out of a wet paper bag. Thinking they are hot shit on a golden platter but are just sloppy diarrhea on a paper plate. All they did without me was copy/paste everything. Their POMswap? You mean Pancakeswap? HAH!

Thus Pomeranian $POM was born. We have a real full stack dev (no copy paste bs). Our chain will be ready before them.

Think this is a larp? Understandable…Buy a small bag and enjoy the ride.

“Development Services”? From the horse's mouth. I deployed Proof of Meme and was the blockchain dev.